Powerful features meet unparalleled ease-of-use

We designed Chord to emphasize your brand, not ours. Discover the features that set us apart from the rest.

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Features UI
Features UI

Just because modern communication is virtual doesn’t mean that it should lose that personal touch. Engage and enhance your relationships with your communities using a platform that mirrors your unique brand. At Chord, we believe that your organization should be at the forefront of your communication – not ours.

Connect in Real Time


Connect in real-time or collaborate at any time.

Send and receive video messages, and stay connected with others even when you can’t be online at the same time.

Claim Your Name


Claim your name. Stay on brand.

Reserve your personal URL and install our browser-based application right on your brand’s website. That’s it. You can be up and running in less than a minute.

Create a Look


Create a look you love.

Customize your meeting room with your company’s logo and color palette.

Share a Little


Share a little about yourself.

Turn awkward introductions into friendly reconnections by maintaining a persistent public profile on your page.

Never miss a message


Never miss a message. Or a meeting.

Stay up-to-date with SMS and email notifications for incoming calls, new messages, and scheduled meetings.

Make Virtual Communication Meaningful with Chord

You want something different – digital communication that feels real. Here’s how Chord helps you get there.

Customizable Chatrooms
Customizable Chatrooms icon
Customizable Chatrooms

Chat, message, and talk with your community in a virtual space that’s uniquely yours. Host a video group and do a live event.

Community Hub icon
Community Hub

Your community living room. Keep your group up-to-date, share important messages, or post interesting content.

SMS Notifications
SMS Notifications icon
SMS Notifications

Never miss a message from a connection – get text notifications to stay informed.

Session Recordings
Session Recording icon
Session Recordings

Don’t worry about keeping meeting notes! Save your important conversations with session recordings.

Social Capabilities
Full Social Capabilities icon
Full Social Capabilities

Create more meaningful conversation – take care of the introductions by filling out your profile.

Video Messages
Send Video Messages icon
Record and Send Video Messages

When a text just won’t do, record and send a video message to your community.

Personalized URL
Personalized URL icon
Personalized URL

Install our browser-based app right on your brand’s website and create a shareable personal link.

Screen Sharing
Screen Sharing icon
Screen Sharing

Give your community the visuals they need through easy-to-use screen sharing.

Text Chat
Text Chat icon
Text Chat

When you need to send a quick message, communicate easily with text chat.

Stay Social
Stay Social icon
Stay Social

Build real relationships in virtual setting that feels refreshingly human.

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Enhance relationships with your community.