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Deploy a branded community in your app or on your website to engage and delight your audience. Leverage powerful insights to deliver more relevant content and start driving brand loyalty today.


Audience engagement = data-driven insights

Solve your first-party data challenges through community while creating deeper connections with your audience.

Chord helps organizations of all types and sizes build thriving online communities, rich with actionable first-party data. Chord integrates seamlessly into your existing marketing site, allowing you to stay on brand. Because Chord has integrated CDP and content delivery capabilities, you can display the most relevant messaging to your audience, increasing your digital revenues.


Segmentation and personalization

  • First-party CDP included in your community
  • Rich insights allow better and more relevant content delivery
  • Secure data can be leveraged through your community or exported to your CRM
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Claim your name. Stay on brand.
Claim your name. Stay on brand.
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