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Gorgeous video calls that keep the focus on your brand, not ours. From there, we add engaging social features that give your remote interactions a human touch.


Connect in real-time or collaborate at any time.
Send and receive video messages, and stay connected with others even when you can’t be online at the same time.
Claim your name. Stay on brand.
Reserve your personal URL and install our browser-based application right on your brand’s website. That’s it. You can be up and running in less than a minute.
Create a look you love.
Customize your meeting room with your company’s logo and color palette.
Share a little about yourself.
Turn awkward introductions into friendly reconnections by maintaining a persistent public profile on your page.
Never miss a message. Or a meeting.
Stay up-to-date with SMS and email notifications for incoming calls, new messages, and scheduled meetings.

A full day of engagement.
All through your link.

A full day of engagement.
All through your link.

Call with sister

9:37 PM

Client Meeting

2:21 PM

Brainstorming Session

11:07 AM

"Watercooler" Chat

4:35 PM

Morning Standup

9:00 AM

Go Pro and get Personal video pages for your entire team.

Give everyone on your team a permanent video link…right on your domain

Take Chord to the next level with Communities.

Chord Connect Communities Edition gives you a video-forward social engagement platform contained within your website.


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