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Chord Connect

A video community for your team on your own website.

Centralize all of your team collaboration through video chat that is hosted within your own website. Explore the power to create a community around your brand.


The world’s most intuitive personalization ecosystem

Give your customers the most personalized, relevant, and engaging experiences possible when they visit your website, dramatically increasing conversion


AI-Powered customer

Your customers can get instant answers that are contextual to the webpage or personalized to the user, saving your organization a bundle


Three offerings.
One simple install.

A Video Community for your entire team on your own website

We built Chord Connect for teams to be able to use their own website to make video calls, connect instantly and  have meeting rooms right in the browser .  Everyone gets a profile page, to schedule, learn more and use as an easy communications center.  This creates  a powerful video community for people inside and outside your organization.

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Put Chord Connect to work for your team

Sales Enablement

Customer Engagement




The World’s Most Intuitive Personalization Ecosystem

Our origin was enabling brands to have a different message on their website for different audiences – this dramatically increases engagement and helps connect people to your brand.  Real-time personalization can be difficult and expensive, and for the first time we have delivered a personalization ecosystem that is simple affordable and easy-to-use.  Learn constantly, manage audience segments, and create personalized experiences that delight your customers.

AI-Powered Self-Service

Predict your customers’ questions based on page content. Customers no longer need to leave the page to get smart, instant answers to their questions.  This increases sales conversion rates, as informed buyers complete transactions, AnswerDash reduces support costs by deflecting requests before they hit your organization.

Used by global brands and the brands next door

For Everyone

Build a community around your brand

CloudEngage enables you to create a deeper connection with your audience through our award-winning products.

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